How To Create Irresistible Thumbnails For Your YouTube Videos And Get 100k Subscribers in The Next 12 Months 

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How This Guide Will Help You Make Millions From YouTube:

  • How we can rank for any search term within 7 days
  • ​Why SEO is the fastest route to getting more B2C or B2B clients
  • ​The method we use to find  terms that have high search traffic

I'm Jake Trinder and I've been obsessed with YouTube since I was 12.

Back in the day I used to make burner accounts to try and test the algorithms.

I was figuring out what variables would make a video pop off from the market research & ideation, to the execution, to the positioning & SEO… I was basically just a massive nerd at YouTube. (pic on the right is just for proof LMAO. I was 12 years old when I made this)

After all these years, I've pretty much cracked the code for YouTube and have generated millions of dollars for my clients like HypeFury, Instantly AI, Leevi Eerola, Brook Hiddink, Daniel McEvoy and more. 



Some million dollar YouTube Sales Funnels


Why YouTube?

You can make MILLIONS without spending any money on paid ads, sending spammy cold emails, making cringey videos, becoming too much of a guru, or spending 20 hours per week creating content...

  • ​Compounds for eternity
  • ​Only 5-9% of landing page viewers watch VSLs, so you need to build trust with your
  • ​customers in new ways instead of relying on the old style of funnel
  • ​Hormozi, Sam Ovens, Alex Becker, Iman Gadhzi use it as their main acquisition channel
  • ​Ad prices are constantly on the rise and you can't rely on the ad manager
  • ​Spammy cold emails and outbound prospecting is getting less and less efficient and
  • ​Google are cracking down on senders
  • ​2 BILLION​ Monthly Logged Users
  • ​By far the most powerful channel for customer acquisition - the new TV